Goa Bagayatdar is Goa's largest co-operative society.

Pursuing the very spirit of cooperation from the grassroot to the apex level we constantly help farmers to prosper through timely supply of reliable agricultural inputs and aid in producing high quality horticultural products while strengthening our distribution reach.

While we take pride in having established ourselves as the largest co-operative society in Goa, our efforts do not pause over here to rest upon our feat. In all that we do, and will do, we never forget that we face an increasingly competitive environment. In this environment, we have endured and matured with a foundation of our greatest potencies: co-operative culture, co-operative networking, market insight and respect for both the producer and the consumer.

Hence as a result of our unparalleled dedication and commitment towards work and people we pride ourselves in offering farmers and other co-operative society members the maximum remuneration for their horticultural produce while also supplying the consumers quality goods at very competitive rates.

Please check our Product Prices section for a daily update on the rates.

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