Goa Bagayatdar Sahakari Kharedi Vikri Saunstha Maryadit is Goa’s Largest Co-Operative Society. Pursing the very spirit of Cooperation from the grass root to the apex level we constantly help farmers to prosper through timely supply of reliable agricultural inputs and aid in producing high quality Horticultural products while strengthening our distribution reach.

While we take pride in having established ourselves as the largest co-operative society in Goa, our efforts do not pause over here to rest upon our feat. In all that we do and will do, we never forget that we face an increasingly competitive environment. In this environment, we have endured and matured with a foundation of our greatest potencies, co-operative culture, cooperative networking, market insight and respect for both the producer and the consumer.

Hence as a result of our unparalleled dedication and commitment towards work and people we pride ourselves in offering farmers and other Co-operative society members. The maximum remuneration for their Horticultural produce while also supplying the consumers quality goods at very competitive rates.


The Society was registered on 31st July 1964 in the name of “Central Supari S.K.V. Society Ltd.”, at Ponda – Goa with the initial capital of Rs.10,500/- contributed by 116 members. In this first year of operation itself the membership increased to 250 and share capital went upto Rs.31,800/- including contribution of Rs.15,000/- from Govt. of Goa. The area of operation was limited to entire state of Goa.

The Society was started with the principal objective to secure better price for the Arecanut produced by the member. The Society registered a nominal Profit of around Rs.800/- in the first year of its operation. This was small but successful beginning for the Society. This was achieved with the staff component of two persons one Secretary and one Clerk.

 During the year 1975 a revolutionary change took place as Govt. decided to merge “Goa Coconut Producers Co-op. Marketing and Processing Society at Margao with Supari Society and hence the name of Society was changed to “Goa Bagayatdar S.K.V.Society Ltd.,”. Further in the year due to increase in the paid up capital the name of the Society was changed to Goa Bagayatdar Sahakari Kharedi Vikri Saunstha Maryadit.


Goa Bagayatdar S.K.V. Society Maryadit is a village based Co-operative Society of the Horticulturists from all over Goa. The Society is known for the disciplined working with the objective as under :

(i)Members are given optimum price for their horticultural produce.

(ii)The Consumers are supplied with quality goods at reasonable rates.

(iii)Ready market place is made available for the goods produced by small scale and HomeIndustries, this generates employment and economic prosperity and socio-economic development of the rural population.

(iv)The Employees of the Society are offered best terms and conditions.

(v)The Society pays good amount revenue to Govt. in the form Sales Tax, G.S.T.,Income Tax, TDS, Market Fees, etc. Also this Society is the medium for implementation of various Govt. Schemes to horticulturists.

(vi)This Society has made available all the commodities to general public under one roof and kept price stabilization and control on the market.

(vii)This Society also act’s as a Nodal agency of the Govt. for implementation various Govt. schemes given to farmers and give at source subsidy to farmers.


The Society has satisfaction that it observes and implement fully all the principles of Co-operation which are essential for Co-operative Sector. These principles are listed below :

  • Voluntary and open Membership
  • Democratic Member Control
  • Autonomy & Independence
  • Member Economic Participation
  • Education, Training & Information
  • Co-operation among Co-operatives
  • Concern for Community
  • Socio-Economic development

The Society has kept the membership open to any Horticulturist (owing Horticulture land under his cultivation) from Goa. The annual General Body meeting’s are largely attended by the Member’s from all over Goa and are interactive. 

The election of Board of Directors of Society are held after every five years and the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected from amongst the elected Directors. The Society does not face any political interference or pressure from the Government or from any external Agency. The Society has maintained good amount of reserves as the Members preferred low rate of Dividend. Society also pays Price incentives for the Horticulture produce procured from the Members.

  The member’s are imparted training from time to time in co-ordination with Agriculture Department, ICAR, reputed Agri/Fertilizer Industries and organize visits to the farms of the progressive farmers in the neighbouring states for farmers/members . The Society is a Member of Goa Rajya Sahakari Union and few Societies are also Members of our Society. The Society gives optimum price to the Horticulture produce of the farmer’s and service to the community by supplying the consumable and other goods at reasonable rates. The children’s of the Members and Staff are encouraged by giving academic awards annually.

The goods manufactured by small scales industries and self help groups are sold in the Bagayatdar Bazar(Super Marts) of the Society which provide support to the weaker sections and leads to the Socio-economic development of the rural population too. A good amount of revenue is deposited in the state fund in form of G.S.T., Income Tax, T.D.S., Market Cess, etc.,.